Photo Credit: Jeff Bandy

In addition to serving as MUSE/IQUE’s first-call keyboardist since the orchestra’s inception, Alan Steinberger holds the position of Principal Piano/Keyboard with both the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and the Pasadena Symphony. He is frequently featured in performances with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, LA Opera Orchestra, LA Chamber Orchestra, Pacific Symphony and Long Beach Symphony, and has recently been a guest artist with the National Symphony, San Francisco Symphony, Seattle Symphony and Indianapolis Symphony, with an upcoming appearance with the Atlanta Symphony.

Credited and prominent throughout the score for the Academy Award-winning documentary March of the Penguins, Steinberger regularly plays piano, celesta and synthesizer for film scores by John Williams, Randy Newman and many other top Hollywood composers. He has been a surly mall entertainer on The Simpsons, a ragtime-playing elephant in Cats Don’t Dance, and the surrogate pianist for the one-handed thug in Tangled who dreams of leaving the life of crime to become a concert pianist.

Steinberger also regularly works as a composer, arranger and orchestrator, performs on virtually every keyboard instrument from accordion to pipe organ, and is likely the only artist both to have been named a Freunde des Hauses Bösendorfer and to have been caricatured on a Warner Brothers cartoon.





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